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Ilovaisk tragedy brought about 1000 deaths – report

October 20, 2014

According to Head of Temporary Commission of Inquiry of the Parliament Senchenko, about 1000 militants were killed in Ilovaisk tragedy

Ilovaisk tragedy brought about 1000 deaths – report

Head of Commission Secnhenko has declared this during press conference today.

‘About 1000 of people died in all the episodes of Ilovaisk tragedy ’, – he said.

Besides, Senchecnko added that the main responsibility for the death of militants lies on the Head of General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces and on those militants who have planned the operation of liberation of Ilovaisk and later liberation of servicemen of encirclement.


In the end of August fighters of the forces of anti-terrorist operation got into encirclement near the town of Ilovaisk in Donetsk oblast. The volunteer battalions numerous times asked for reinforcement. According to fighters, the help did not come.

Russian militants shelled the corridor which, according to an agreement, Ukrainian militants were to use. Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered substantial losses.

There is no official data about the number of losses.


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