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Ihor Smeshko: In order to stabilize the situation in the country, new authorities for the national security, defense and law enforcement agencies must be appointed


Kyiv, May 28, 2014 – «Victory of Ukrainians over their opponents depends on how quickly the newly-elected President will form his new team in the national security, defense and law enforcement ministries, involving experienced professionals who are able to make decisions and assume responsibility». It was the statement Ihor Smeshko, Ukrainian military man, politician and statesman, leader of All-Ukrainian social organization «Strength and Honour», made during his briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

According to Mr. Smeshko, local inhabitants in Donetsk and Luhansk are sick and tired of the violence happening in the streets of their cities, so they demonstrate fairly low support of the separatists. «It is necessary to separate civilian population from the external enemies against whom the fight continues, and also achieve dialogue between central authorities and people of South-East regions who are often deprived of the access to truthful information, different from Russian propaganda», – claims Ihor Smeshko.

Answering the question on the anti-terrorist operation efficiency, Mr. Smeshko said: «anti-terrorist operations should, first of all, be backed up by relevant intelligence and operation information. Special subdivisions are to provide for it. Involving military divisions in such operations in inhabited localities populated with people who are to some extent “brainwashed” is a very dangerous thing. Army, in its turn, is to guard state borders and inhabitants as well as coordinate checkpoints establishment».

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