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Ihor Shvayka: Claim of Federal Veterinaty and Phytosanitary Monitoring Service of Russia is inadequate, as the quality of our cheese meets the international standards


Ministry of Agrarian Policy will diversify the sales markers for cheese in connection with the accusations of the Russian Fdederation, new commodity markets for Ukrainian agricultural products sale will be named in the nearest future. This was stated by a Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Ihor Shvayka during his media briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center, while giving his comments on claim of «Rossilhospnahlyad» (Federal Veterinaty and Phytosanitary Monitoring Service of Russia) about Ukrainian cheese, in which cheese was called a “cheese product”.

«Claim of  «Rossilhospnahlyad», in our opinion, is inadequate, as the quality of our cheese meets the international standards. At present we are working at alternative direction of our products sale, primarily the cheese which suffered from unfair accusation from the Russian Federation side. If «Rossilhospnahlyad» believes that Russian consumers do not need our products – it is the issue of the Russian Federation politics, and not economics or sanitary requirements or consumer appeal. It is a political position of the Russian Federation. Our high-quality products will find other buyer and other consumer who would be grateful for such high-grade and comparatively inexpensive products within the price brackets our companies are successfully working in», – the Minister emphasized.

Talking about the priorities in their tasks, Minister informed, that process of economics deregulation and local delegation of authorities continues. “We are to be sure of any personnel solutions which are made locally and are ready to consider any proposals. It is an easy task to criticize us for every decision, but to come and offer oneself as a candidate for a particular post and then assume part of responsibility is much more complicated. You can consider this statement to be a notice of competition, or occupational reserve formation for vacancies filled», – stated Minister.

The Minister also noted that another outstanding issue claiming for special attention this year was sowing campaign and safety of agro-industrial sector objects in Eastern Ukraine. «We finished the spring field work in all the regions, including Eastern and Southern regions. There were attempts and threats of seeds taking out from the terrorists acting in Luhansk region now. We involved military men from the National Guard, militia officers, special patrolling was organized by Armed Forces of Ukraine», – emphasized Ihor Shvayka.

Answering mass-media’s questions on the former Viktor Yanukovych’s residence over which the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food obtained operating control, Ihor Shvayka noted that Mezhyhirya might become a park with full financial self-sustainment. «Mezhyhirya might obtain a status of a park, excursions tours can be held there. There are important facilities in the territory of Mezhyhirya, among them canine center, zoological garden, diary plant, up-to-date laboratory, greenhouses. The crucial thing is that this complex is able to sustain for itself», – emphasized the head of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

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