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Ihor Kabanenko: Defense Ministry is Actively Working with Verkhovna Rada to Provide for Adequate Military Service Conditions


Kyiv, May 6, 2014 року – During a briefing at Ukrainian Crisis Media Center Deputy Minister of Defense Ihor Kabanenko talked about the authorities’ efforts to secure necessary conditions of service of the enlistees.

According to Mr. Kabanenko, the Ministry of Defense is actively working on completing tasks of defending the territorial integrity of the state, and thus saving lives of soldiers and preventing casualties among civilians.

The Deputy Defense Minister noted that recently great efforts have been made to resolve the issue of logistics and transport support of the troops. In the recent years, he said, the Armed Forces as well as other services have been chronically underfinances, the consequences of which are felt today. Ihor Kabanenko added that senior officials of the Ministry are now at the points of destination of Ukrainian troops to solve all the pressing issues that arise.

Deputy Minister also said that the Ministry of Defense is actively cooperating with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In particular, today, on May 6th, active work with the MPs was conducted to make important changes in the military laws. One of the questions is ensuring appropriate conditions of service. According to Igor Kabanenko, the parliament reviewed the fact that those recently enlisted had been facing fines, penalties for loan commitments, and even interests on credit obligations for the period of mobilization. “With the support of MPs, I think the appropriate decision will be taken by our legislative body”, he said.

Also, the simplification of public procurement during this period was discussed. “Of course, there are appropriate measures provided not to allow corrupt schemes to be run. But we understand that under the current circumstances we need to solve the problems quickly, efficiently and effectively “, Ihor Kabanenko said. He added that a number of other issues were discussed, and positive decisions were taken.

Other issues discussed are the future of the military of Ukraine. “We understand that in current conflicts and during hybrid wars we need to have the mechanisms and approaches to identify the threats early enough and have the military forces able to provide for national security”, said the Deputy Minister.

Ihor Kabanenko also noted that big efforts are underway to create units of territorial defense. As for the 116 mln UAH collected by the Ukrainian citizens to support the Army, he stated taht these funds are directed to provide for adequate equipment for the military units.

The Deputy Minister also stated that work is being done to replace the recently mobilized people by contract military officers. “Still, we should understand that the State is in danger. The duty of each citizen is to protect Ukraine”, he said. Mr. Kabanenko also emphasized that salaries have been paid in full to all staff of the military as of April 30. Besides, the legislation should provide for the mobilized people to keep their current work positions and salaries. Also, work is in process to stimulate the military personnel through additional allowances, promoting in ranks and arranging for free education of the children of the military.

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