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Igor Bilous: Tax payers reimbursed 3 billion hryvnias of VAT


Kyiv, 3 april 2014 – The Ministry of Revenue and Duties has resumed VAT reimbursement after a break of about two months. Tax payers have already been reimbursed 3 billion hryvnias, said Igor Bilous, the First Deputy Minister of Revenue and Duties, during a press-briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center.

Mr. Bilous mentioned that in March the sum of reimbursement amounted to 2.3 billion hryvnias, and today it already exceeds 3 billion.

“We resolved the situation with reimbursement of VAT to exporters. In February this process was suspended due to massive fraud. Our experts have analyzed filed refund applications and the list of applicants for reimbursement doesn’t have any “tax holes”, pointed Mr. Bilous.

Altogether, in March the general state budget fund accumulated 17.4 billion, which is slightly higher comparing to corresponding period of last year. These results were achieved by stabilizing steps and measures of unshadowing the economy.

Mr. Bilous outlined also the priority areas for the Ministry. Thus, experts from the Ministry are working on changes to tax and fees administration procedures approaches, which will become more effective. Criteria of forming a plan for the selection of entities to be inspected are modified. According to Igor Bilous, inspections of micro business should be entirely cancelled, since they are not effective.

Tax legislation also needs reforming. A newly created work group has already started to develop new rules and regulations.

“I believe that the reformation of the tax system should be not revolutionary, but evolutional. Changes will be applied step by step, taking into consideration comfortable paces for business and transition periods. Moreover, we want to make all these changes in constant dialogue with business,” said Mr. Bilous.

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