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‘If Ukraine loses this war, all the other will lose it too’

August 22, 2014

‘Maidan’ International league representative want to form international battalion to help Ukraine fight in this war

If Ukraine loses this war, all the other will lose it too

This was declared by members of ‘Maidan’ International league during a press briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center in Kiev. The representatives expressed their willingness to organize a separate international volunteer battalion and sent it to the front.

‘All nations of the world must unite against Russian empire and provide all assistance to Ukraine because if Ukraine loses in this undeclared war – all the other will also lose’, – said Hagani Guseinov, head of public organization ‘Azerbaijani Ukrainian Congress’.

‘Ukraine actually on its own wages war against the evil empire that doesn’t respect international laws and doesn’t comply with UN requirements. Ukraine is trying to defend its right for national integrity, independence and democratic way of development. The defeat of Ukraine in this war will let Russian empire continue its aggressive policy and claim for new territories, put the world on the brink of the next World War. At the same time if Ukraine wins lots of nations and countries which are heavily influenced by Russian might get opportunity to create their own independent states and choose democratic way of development’, – said Aidos Sedykov, representative of democratic opposition of Kazakhstan.

During the press briefing representatives of international organizations and associations appealed to President Petro Poroshenko asking to show political will and issue a decree on formation of an international battalion which, according to the speakers, is ready to go to battle and with with Ukraine together.


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