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If Russia doesn’t start action Novorosiya will die soon – Strilok (Shooter)

July 4, 2014

One of terrorist leaders Igor Strelkov in his address expressed disappointment with Russia and predicted destruction of the so-called ‘Novorosiya’

If Russia doesn't start action Novorosiya will die soon - Strilok (Shooter)


Strelkov’s appeal have been published on terrorist site ‘Russian Spring’. It is a summary of news avout shelling of Mykholaivka and Semenivka. According to the terrorist his allies curse Ryiv, Poroshenko and Russia because it ‘gave them hope and then left them to the mercy of fate’. ‘If Russian doesn’t start action as soon as possible Novorosiya will die. Slovyansk will be the first to die’ – it is said in the message.


Strelok also points out problems with supply and insignificance of terrorists’ success: ‘I ask the readers not to grasp at a straw rejoicing to some shot down plane or damaged tank: Ukrs (Ukrainians – edit) have them in such amounts that one can shoot 10 units every day and there still will be lots of them’ – Strelkov writes.

‘Our supply is completely cut short. So that unloading, boots and night viewing devices can be sent anywhere else- the will not reach us’ – the terrorist leader claims.

Source: UNIAN.UA

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