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Ice Bucket Challenge in Ukraine – family of the President participating

The family of Ukrainian president Poroshenko has taken part in #IceBucketChallenge

#IceBucketChallenge in Ukraine – family of the President participating

Wife and 3 children of the President have taken part in Ice Bucket Challenge and have donated money. The video has been published at official YouTube channel of the President.

Ice Bucket Challenge is a global campaign which aims to draw attention to ALS disease. The essence of the flash-mob is to pour a bucket of icy cold water on one’s head and then pass the baton to 3 friends. If a participant wants to refuse a cold shower he has to donate money for ALS sick people. One can donate even if he does pour cold water on himself.

In Ukraine, the campaign had been rethought and received another meaning. Lots of people including officials, public figures pour cold water on themselves to support volunteer movement in general and upload their videos on the Internet.

The family of President Poroshenko has supported flash-mob, took a cold shower and passed the baton to their friends. They donated money for ALS sick people and to Volunteer Hundred.


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