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Hyrkyn-Strelkov named rates for mercenaries

July 9, 2014

Mercenaries terrorist of DNR organization will receive between five and eight thousand.

Hyrkyn-Strelkov named rates for mercenaries

RIA Novosti reported: this was stated by one of the leaders of DNR gang DNR Igor Hyrkyn (Strelkov). He calls Mercenaries a ‘contract army’.


‘Starting from this month it is planned that fighters would be seriously paid, well, by local standards, an amount that is between five and eight thousand is quite significant. We plan to introduce payments from July. It means that we will create a contract army’, – Hyrkyn said.


Earlier it was said in the National Security Council that Hyrkyn’s accomplices gave him two days to restore the missing ‘cash’ of the terrorist organization.

Source: UNIAN.UA

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