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‘Humanitarian convoy’ from RF might go through the checkpoint ‘Izvaryne’ in Luhansk oblast

August 13, 2014

Humanitarian aid from Russian will not cross Ukrainian border in Kharkiv oblast.

'Humanitarian convoy' from RF might go through the checkpoint 'Izvaryne' in Luhansk oblast

This was reported by Governor of Kharkiv oblast Igor Baluti on his page in Facebook.

‘The humanitarioan aid from Russian is not going through the border in Kharkiv oblast’, – he wrote. Earlier this was reported by source in state law enforcement.

Currently the National Security and Defense Council has no clear information concerning the whereabouts of the column of Russian ‘humanitarian aid’.

Near the checkpoint Pletenivka in Vovchansk region [Kharkiv oblast] where the column has been expected to cross Ukrainian border the officers of State Emergency service are rolling up the camp and warehouse.

Border guards and police have removed the encirclement around the checkpoint Pletenivka. According to an unconfirmed data the column of Kamaz vehicles might be directed to one of checkpoints in Luhansk oblast. It might be Izvaryne.

Source: UNIAN.UA

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