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Humanitarian convoy #36 comes to occupied Donbas

Humanitarian convoy #36 comes to occupied Donbas

Another so-called humanitarian convoy from Putin arrives to Donbas.

Unian reports this with reference to press service of Russian Emergency Service. According to Russian official sources, the column consists of more than 100 vehicles that carry more than 1000 tons of humanitarian loads. These loads allegedly consist of most important goods like pasta, flour, sugar and canned food.

In addition, Emergency Service of Russia Federation says that the column includes doctors and other technical personnel to give aid to drivers on the road.

Previously Russian officials said they would deliver student books to the occupied territories.

Since late summer of 2014 this column is the 36-th.

The previous convoy #35 crossed Ukrainian border on August 14.

Russian Federation has been sending so-called ‘humanitarian loads’ to Donbas since summer 2014. Columns of military trucks painted in white color with an unknown content cross Ukrainian border on regular basis. Ukrainian customs service employees, border guards and Red Cross representatives don’t have possibility to examine the trucks.

National Security and Defense Council officially stated that all Russian humanitarian convoys are aimed to support fighters. Trucks mostly bring ammunition, dried rations and weapons to occupied Donbas.

Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs repeatedly demanded Russian Federation to stop violating sovereignty of Ukraine under the guise of such ‘humanitarian aid’.


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