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New humanitarian convoy brought helmets

New humanitarian convoy brought helmets

Ukrainian border guards say that 29th humanitarian convoy from Russian Federation contained loads of non-humanitarian character, in particular, military helmets.

Just as usual, representatives of the Red Cross didn’t accompany the convoy.

This morning, June 11, Russian Federation unilaterally registered the 29-th humanitarian convoy which consisted of two columns of 102 vehicles in total.

The transportation of the so-called humanitarian load was as usual done with gross violations of international norms. Representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross didn’t accompany the convoy. Ukrainian border guards and custom service officers couldn’t perform their functions as well, they could only visually examine the inside of trucks.

In one of trucks they spotted load of non-humanitarian character – military helmets packed in sacks.

LNR got the load

Later self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic informed about arrival of their part of humanitarian convoy.

They say that 54 trucks brought 506 tons of humanitarian load for 40 000 needy residents.

Meanwhile Ukrainian side says that the so-called humanitarian convoys bring loads of non-humanitarian character to support fighters in Donbas.

Ministry of Internal Affairs repeatedly demanded Russia to stop helping self-proclaimed republics under pretext of humanitarian convoys.

Russia can’t get enough – 2 more convoys to come

Russian Federation wants to send two more ‘humanitarian loads’ in June.

In addition to 29-th convoy that has arrived today, Russian Federation is going to send two more convoys of white trucks.

‘This work will continue, we plan delivering humanitarian aid two more times in June’.

Russian Emergency Service claims it informs the Red Cross about convoys, what they take ‘there and back’ at presence of OSCE, Ukrainian border guards and customs service.

According to Russia, humanitarian trucks come back from Donbas empty.


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