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Humanitarian column #26 goes from Russia to Donbas

Humanitarian column #26 goes from Russian to Donbas

Russian Federation has sent another so-called humanitarian convoy to Ukrainian Donbas.

The column consists of more than 100 trucks.

At 04.00 am Moscow time the column started from Don Rescue Emergency Center in Rostov oblast. In the rout the column will separate into two parts – each one for Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

Previously, on May 10 Russian Foreign Ministry asked Ukrainian side to provide security for the humanitarian convoy.

According to the Russian side the humanitarian load for Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts carries 1070 tons of food, 25 tons of essential goods, 8 tons of stationery, 10 tons of building materials.

Load for Donetsk oblast is 560 tons and 540 tons go to Luhansk oblast.

Meanwhile Ukrainian side claims that Russian humanitarian convoys bring ammunition and weapons for fighters. Ukrainian customs service and representatives of the Red Cross haven’t still got a single opportunity to examine trucks with the so-called humanitarian loads.


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