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Human right activists: More than 900 people are still kept hostages in Donbas

December 29, 2014

More than 900 people are still hostages of Donbas terrorists, – human right activists

Human right activists: More than 900 people are still kept hostages in Donbas

Head of analytical direction of Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union Oleg Martynenko informed this during press conference in Kyiv.

According to him, the number of people in hostage is more than 800-900. The official data of Ministry of Internal Affairs states that about 300 people are kept hostages.

According to Mr. Martynenko, the organization observes different violations of human rights. It concerns not only servicemen but also all people in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

In her turn, head of monitoring group of Centre for Civil Liberties Alexandra Romanova mentioned that the monitoring group of Ukrainian human right activists had registered numerous cases of human right violations in the town of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk and Donetsk during their occupation by insurgents. In the town of Severodonetsk there were found 4 places to keep hostages, two more places were found in Lysychansk. These were administrative buildings of businesses.

‘We can say that there are disastrous human rights violations on the territories controlled by DNR and LNR [self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics]. As of end of June one of human rights organizations in Luhansk oblast informed about more than 200 people kept hostages. Socially active, political people, capable of expressing their views get there’, – informed Romantsova.

According to her, all data registered by the monitoring group was transferred to law enforcement agencies. Romantsova underlined that mobile monitoring group would continue working until all human rights violations are registered.

On December 6-11 monitoring group of the Centre for Civil Liberties together with the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union carried out monitoring visits to territories liberated by Ukrainian army. The aim of the trip was to study the situation with violation of human right from April to July 2014. This is an approximate period of occupation of the territories by illegal armed groups.

The group studied cases of kidnapping, keeping people hostages, torturing. The members of the monitoring group talked to the victims and witnesses of the human right violations.


As we previously informed, on December 26 there was exchange of prisoners. 146 Ukrainian servicemen were exchanged for more than 200 terrorists.

The agreement on exchange of prisoners was reached on December 24 during negotiations of contact group on crisis regulation in Minsk

On December 27 several Ukrainian citizens were liberated without exchange. These are: 3 fighters from 80-th airborne brigade and one volunteer, one more serviceman and 3 civilians.

On December 29 commander of volunteer regiment ‘Donbas’ Semen Semenchenko said that more than 400 Ukrainian citizens are still kept hostages in Donbas.



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