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How does the Russian propaganda works

Russian propaganda: how it works

How does the Russian propaganda works

This was reported by NSDC Information Center spokesman Andriy Lysenko during a traditional press briefing in Kyiv.

There has appeared another lie from Russian propaganda. This night Russian Military forces TV channel ‘Zvezda’ [Star] accused the ATO forces in the shelling of the town of Makyivka with rocket complex ‘Tochka-U’ during a battle. In the video, they say that Ukrainian Armed Forces shell the town in order to liberate in until the Independence Day [24.08]. In addition, Russians threatened Ukraine with international scandal for such ‘crime’.

According to analysts of Information and Analytical center of NSDC [National Security and Defense Coucil] the video fragment that depicts the usage of weapon of massive destruction in the town of Makyivka [Donetsk oblast] – a rocket that was allegedly launched by Ukrainian militants in reality concerns quite another event – the explosion of Russian rocket in Baikonur Cosmodrome [Kazakhstan] on July 2, 2013. In the video down below one can see the comparison of TV news made by Russian TV and real video record of an explosion at Baikonur.

We remind that not once Russian accused Ukraine in the usage of a ballistic missile in settlements. All the accusations were unreasonable.

This video clearly proves how the factory of Russian propaganda works. They do not hesitate to distort not only facts but also a voice-over

Source: National Security and Defense Council

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