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Hospital conditions for Savchenko are worse than in jail, lawyers will demand to return her to prison

Hospital conditions for Savchenko are worse than in jail, lawyers will demand to return her to prison.

Recently Nadia Savchenko has been delivered to Moscow Hospital #20 due to her fragile health. Her lawyer Illya Novikov informed that conditions in the hospital are worth than in prison.

According to him, Nadia’s palate is on the 4th floor and windows are barred.

There is not enough light and fresh air, walks and meeting with family aren’t provided, mattress smells of lying patients. Dying people and those who cannot walk are often brought to this special block of hospital. Nadia still can walk.

According to lists of Federal Service of Punishment Nadia Savchenko is prone to escape, violence and suicide. The first day guards were so afraid that they put handcuffs on her to lead Savchenko to WC. The next day they ceased doing this.

Illya Novikov said that their meeting was held under supervision of the chief of the guard, although lawyers should meet their clients alone. However, Novikov didn’t speak of his rights because it was already late and they needed to discuss lots of things. They limited secrecy by talking in Ukrainian.

According to the lawyer administrative system of federal service surpassed themselves. This time it took lawyer 5 hours to visit all instances and finally get permission to visit Nadia.

Ukrainian pilot Savchenko send her regards and promised that she would eat in the civil hospital. In presence of the lawyer doctors brought her a bottle of food.

Nadia Savchenko plans to participate in her trial on May 6. She hasn’t got further plans yet.

Illya Novikov suggested sending birthday letters to Savchenko which she’ll celebrate on May 11.

Recently another Savchenko’s lawyer Mark Feigin said that her defense would demand to return Nadia to prison hospital where conditions are much better than in the civil one.



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