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Heroes of Ukraine came back for a break – Kirovograd met the cyborgs

The city of Kirovograd met legendary ‘Cyborgs’

Heroes of Ukraine came back for a break - Kirovograd met the cyborgs

This night the city of Kirovograd met heroes of Ukraine – already legendary cyborgs. Fighters of the third separate regiment of special force returned home for a break. These militants took control of Donetsk airport in May and have been defending it for more than 5 months.

Terrorists called them cyborgs because they couldn’t believe that human being is able to repel attacks and defend their positions for such a long time.

 the cyborgs
 One of the internets jokes about unbeatable Ukrainian cyborgs in Donetsk airport

The information about the arrival of fighters appeared in social networks and people came to meet their heroes. There were about 300 locals. They came with flags, flowers and balloons of blue and yellow colours and with sweets.

Most of the people did not come to meet someone, in particular, they just wanted to give thanks to the fighters for defending Ukraine.

While waiting for the arrival of the militant’s people were sang Anthem of Ukraine and shouted ‘Glory to Ukraine!’, ‘Glory to Heroes!’, ‘Ukraine above all!’. In addition, they sang the scandalously famous song about Russian President Vladimir Putin [Putin khuilo / huylo – dickhead. This song was performed by football fans in spring and became tremendously popular among pro-Ukrainian society].

Vehicles with militants arrived at 03.00 am. Militants did not speak to journalists.


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