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Hear voice of Ukraine through literature – you can help to!

The image of Ukrainian literature has been greatly influenced by Russian authors. Ukrainians are often portrayed as negative characters or are just made invisible.

However, this image does not correspond to reality. It was Ukrainians who opposed the mad oligarch and set the winter of 2014 on fire. They acted against the expectations of the East, the West and even their own revolution leaders.

And now it is time to hear the voice of Ukraine because its people have a lot to say. A small scale literary publisher Kalyna Language Press suggests English readers to start with Oleh Shynkarenko’s novel ‘Kaharlyk’.

Let us find out more about it.


Somewhat crazy and brilliant

hear voice of Ukraine via literature

These are the words used to describe the novel ‘Kaharlyk’ and they are quite true.

This literary work started in Facebook as a number of short paragraphs. In addition to writing prose the author created a soundtrack to the world he developed using a mixture of melodies, machine and animal sounds.

‘Kaharlyk’ is written in a series of 100 words paragraphs which together form a novel.

The story is set in Ukraine at the time when war with Russia is finished. The protagonist’s brain has been used by Russian military to control military satellites. This results in his loss of memory. Oleh [the chief character] comes to his senses in a strange building that resembles hospital and starts his journey to recover memories and discover his past.


Everyone can help

Currently Kalyna Language Press is working on raising funds to translate the book for English readers.

If you want to help Ukrainian literature reach more readers – this is very easy. Head to the project’s page on and back it with the sum you prefer.

Before donating you can find out more about the book by watching the video clip and reading the first five paragraphs translated in English.

So, check out ‘Kaharlyk’ on right now.

The fundraising will last until March 20, 2016.


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