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Hanna Hopko: Maidan has started as a revolution of dignity and now transformed into revolution of effectiveness


Kyiv, May 27, 2014 – During a press-conference at Ukrainian Crisis Media Center civil society activists of “Reanimation Package of Reforms” Svitlana Zalishchuk, Oleh Maceh, Hanna Hopko, and Olha Halabala have reported on the initiatives of the cooperation with a new president of Ukraine. “We do hope that president will be transparent and involve civil society. Maidan has started as a revolution of dignity and now transformed into revolution of effectiveness. And reforms are very important”, – said Hanna Hopko, activist of NGO Centre “Life”.

“We see the newly-elected President as a strong partner in the realisation, adoption and implementation of important legislation that we as civil society have been working for a number of years”, – said Svitlana Zalishchuk, activist of Ukrainian NGO “Centre UA”.

There are several key points that should be done by the new president at his first steps, including signing fully the Association Agreement with the EU on 27 of June 2014, the establishment of transparent and open government, the introduction of “all the required institutions in order to enable civil society to control the government”, and “dramatic economic reforms that will enable the development and economic prosperity”. Moreover, the President should also demonstrate his will and readiness to be controlled by the civil society and be accountable to the people. “We do believe that Poroshenko as a new independent leader with new rules and new culture has to sell his 5th channel. It is a crucial thing for the freedom of speech and the development of the information sphere”, – said Svitlana Zalishchuk.

With nearly 150 experts from different spheres we have been working in cooperation with the parliament and the government on the implementation of the laws that are required to reanimate the country. They will continue to cooperate in the spheres of anticorruption, institutionalization and regional development, administrative, electoral, media and tax reforms, reforms of judiciary system, police and prosecutor office.

Among the key aspects of the economic reforms are tax reforms, changing relations between tax payers and fiscal authorities, deregulation of business activity.  “We need to adapt to the European norms in the sphere of competitive law, custom regulation, technical assistance, and food safety. In this case we will not only improve the business climate for our owners, but also will get investments from the outside of Ukraine”, – said Oleh Maceh, Business owner.

There is also a necessity to open the process of the constitutional reform to involve civil society.  “We call for the opening of the process of the constitutional reform with the involvement of civil society. The president should create a special commission which will comprise scientists, civil society, and experts”, – said Olha Halabala from Civil Center of Euromaydan.

Concerning the election reform the activists insist on having an open proportional voting system, early parliamentary elections, lower entrance barrier, and transparent political parties. Moreover, decentralisation is a key step to empower local communities and to stabilize the situation in the country. “We need to have local development reform to stimulate the local communities with economic development”, – said Olha Halabala.

“The main motto of Petro Poroshenko during this presidential campaign was “Living in a new way”. We as a civil society have elaborated it a little bit: to leave in a new way one must be accountable. So we believe that these reforms will make him and the government accountable”, said Svitlana Zalishchuk.


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