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Groysman emphasizes necessity for ‘code of conduct’ in Parliament

March 10, 2015

The speaker of Ukrainian parliament believes that it needs ‘code of conduct’

Groysman emphasizes necessity for ‘code of conduct’ in Parliament

Chairman of Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Groysman underlines that this governmental institution needs ‘code of conduct’. He informed this during press conference in Kyiv.

In particular, the speaker reminded about fights in Parliament and ‘other things which do not create credibility for us’.

According to Mr. Groysman, most of MPs understand this, this should be changed. The changes should include creation of ‘code of conduct’. Every MP should take some obligation and implement them.

Parliament spokesperson also emphasized on necessity to increase openness of the parliament. In particular it concerns the work of parliamentary committees and discussion of draft laws.

Spokesperson suggested introduction of elements of e-government.

‘I have corresponding experience in this area and I believe that implementation of e-government inside the parliament will significantly improve processes, speed, quality and availability of people to information that the parliament has and we will give people possibility to influence it’, – Groysman said.


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