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Glimpses of war in Eastern Ukraine in photos

October 10, 2014

Ukrainian conflict in photos


The collection of stunning photos about war in Eastern Ukraine.

This is not World of Tanks game. Ukrainian T-64BV has shot Russian tank. A direct hit.

War in Eastern Ukraine in photos


Donetsk after another shelling. The shell hit the man near the shop. The man bore package of water from the store. Pro-Russian fighters is drinking water near the dead body.

The shell hit the man


One of pro-Russian fighters, driver of ‘Grad’ multiple rocket launcher system, has posted pictures of himself and fellow fighters in social network. The man comes from Syktyvkar [Russian federation]. He fights for the self-proclaimed LNR [Luhansk People’s Republic]. The number of tattoos on his body lets assume that he has been imprisoned for more years that Ukraine has actually been independent.

One of pro-Russian fighters


2 One of pro-Russian fighters

3 One of pro-Russian fighters

One of pro-Russian fighters 4

Flag of Novorossiya [New Russia] – another name for self-proclaimed terrorist formation

Source: social networks

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