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The girl is miraculously saved after the explosion that damages ‘Donbas Arena’ – the Internet hit

The girl miraculously escapes death after a powerful explosion in Donetsk

The girl is miraculously saved after the explosion that damages ‘Donbas Arena’ – the Internet hit (video)

This video is actively spreading over the Internet. The girl nearly dies under the fragment of ‘Donabs Arena’ stadium that is damaged by a powerful explosion at chemical plant in the city of Donetsk.

As one can see on the shots of the surveillance camera, the girl approaches the stadium when there is the sound of the explosion and the blast wave damages the part of the stadium. The huge metal structure falls a few inches away from the girl and she miraculously escapes death.

As we previously informed, yesterday at about midday there was a powerful explosion in Donetsk city. According to local residents, the blast wave damaged windows even at a distance of 9 km from the explosion site.

Pro-Russian media spread rumors that Ukrainian Armed Forces hit the city with tactical missile complex ‘Tochka-U’.

This information is totally unreliable because tactical rocket of such system has 7 hectares of area of complete destruction [compare, football pitch is 0,4 hectare].

In case Ukrainian Armed Forces used such rockets to shell the city, about half of it would have been destroyed completely.

On the evening of the same day representatives of underground fighters took responsibility for this powerful explosion. They declared that they had destroyed the arms deport of pro-Russian fighters.

National Security and Defense Council reported that the explosion could have happened because the pro-Russian fighters were trying to produce ammunition and didn’t comply with the safety rule which resulted in explosion.

Later the leaders of the self-proclaimed DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic] declared that they suspended the ceasefire regime due to the explosion.

This statement seems even stranger due to the fact that terrorists hardly ever complied to the ceasefire regime at all.

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