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Gingerbread Lviv: American Ingredients, Ukrainian Spirit

As Christmas approaches, this festive gift tradition brings two countries closer on a new gingerbread level.

The family of US Deputy Assistant Ambassador created a small gingerbread copy of Lviv’s famous central square “Ploscha Rynok” to be exhibited at the charity gingerbread fair in Lviv. The deputy ambassador and his family spent almost a month working on gingerbread houses and cookies, says TSN.

The products used were of American origin: sugar cane molasses, flour, eggs, butter, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, dough rape and black pepper. The work took at least 12 kg of dough. Diplomats say that the tradition of making such gifts was launched in Germany and Sweden about 150 years ago.

After the exhibition this gingerbread giant will be presented to some Ukrainian embassy abroad. It can last for years, if it does not get eaten.

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