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Ghost of invasion: Russia continues to deny intervention in Donbas

September 1, 2014

Clear proofs of Russian invasion into Ukraine. Russian continues to deny all

Ghost of invasion: Russia continues to deny intervention in Donbas

There are more and more talks concerning Russian invasion into Ukraine, but Moscow continues to deny everything. During the last day information concerning Russian invasion appears more and more often. Meanwhile, despite accusations from Kyiv and the West, Moscow denies its guilt.

This morning there appeared report from Ukrainian armed forces concerning defensive battles in Luhansk airport. There has been fight between Ukrainian paratroopers and reinforced tank battalion of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation.

According to the last report of National Security and Defense Council Ukrainian Armed Forces have retreated from Luhansk airport.

Reports concerning shelling of positions of Ukrainian armed forces with Grad and event Uragan volley fire systems continue to appear.

Shelling of column of Ukrainian soldiers near Ilovaisk. At least 100 Ukrainian militants died as a result of this shelling. Liberation of captured soldiers is still in process. According to deputy of Governor of Dnipropetrovsk oblast Borys Filatov Russian militants shelled the column despite the fact thet there were Russian captured soldiers.

‘Our [Ukrainian soldiers] fought with professional militants, there were no locals of Donetsk when the column left. Russian militants gave the officer’s word that they would let the column go. But they began to fire. It is not officer’s word that we deal with, it is the fact that column included dozens of wounded and captured Russian militants. They were also killed’.

Abduction of sotnyk Parasiuk

Abduction of sotnyk Parasiuk

Maidan activists sotnyk Volodymyr Parasiuk – currently commander of 4-th ‘Dnipro’ volunteer battalion was wounded and suffered a concussion. He is currently in the hospital.

According to Parasiuk he was captured by Russian professional militants. They gave him to Chechens. Thos tried to humiliate him and disrupt orthodox cross. Volodymyr didn’t let them do so. He said that his mother had given him this cross. Russian paratroopers took him to Russia.

There he was interrogated by Main Intelligence Directorate. Volodymyr outwitted them and they couldn’t understand who he was. Then they took him back to Ukraine and gave do DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic] separatists. Those also couldn’t understand whom they had got and transmitted Volodymyr to Ukrainian militants.


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