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Why does Germany cover Putin up? Who is responsible for downing of MH17?

October 20, 2014

Germany tries to absolve Russia from responsibility for downed MH17

Why does Germany cover Putin up? Who is responsible for downing of MH17?

Germany’s attempts to absolve Russia from responsibility for downing MH17 – is the part of European policy ‘appeasement for any price’.

Another thing is that Russian president might not appreciate the help of German colleagues. In particular, he will see it as a sign of weakness and willingness for further concessions.

Recently German newspaper Der Spiegel has written that German intelligence believes that allegedly Boeing 777 has been shot down by pro-Russian separatists who previously have seized Ukrainian ‘Buk’ rocket launcher system.

According to the President of the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany Gerhard Schindler, pro-Russian separatists downed Boeing-777 flight VH17 with a missile that was allegedly launched by ‘Buk’ anti-aircraft system that they had previously seized at one of Ukrainian military bases. According to the magazine, Schindler presented this information to members of parliamentary control body of German Bundestag on October 8 and gave unnamed ‘solid evidence’.

Thus, German intelligence puts all blame at the so-called ‘rebels’ that primarily have allegedly seized Ukrainian ‘Buk’ and then have downed the passenger aircraft by themselves.

In this scenario Russia walks white and fluffy out of the dirtiest episodes of the current war that, without doubts, has been the most dramatic for Europeans and not only for them.


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