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Gennadiy Druzenko: URA Aims to Boost Defensive Capabilities of the Population


Kyiv, May,13th, 2014 – Gennadiy Druzenko, the Chairman of the All-Ukrainian organization “Ukrainian Reserve Army” during the briefing at Ukrainian Crisis Media Center told about Ukrainian Reserve Army: ”I’m a lawyer by education, I also have experience in state civil service. What provokes people like me to join such initiatives and spend our weekends and money to create what we call Ukrainian reservists?  Article 65 of Ukrainian Constitution says that defence of the Motherland, of the independence and territorial indivisibility of Ukraine are the duties of citizens of Ukraine. On March 1st mobilization was declared but actually it started a few weeks later. So we decided that we have to act ourselves”.

Mr. Druzenko also said: “Standard means, troops and divisions of the Armed Forces are not convenient in this hybrid war. We have a well-equipped, aggressive and rather cynical neighbor. At the same time in Ukraine there are many people who in different ways participated in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and know what modern war is”.

As for the principles of preparation of reservists Mr. Druzenko said: “We hold three-day sessions for volunteers, we provide training in shooting, first aid courses, tactical games that is how to behave in small detachments. To take the courses people should be healthy and sound and in sane mind, since we give them fire arms”.

Mr. Druzenko also claimed: “We consider this initiative of strategic importance. In Maidan we saw helpless unarmed people with cardboard shields standing against well-equipped soldiers. That cost dozens of lives. Training in URA can teach how to withstand the enemy and, first of all, will make him think twice before attacking”.

He also underlined: “We don’t see ourselves as a secret unit. These are patriots, who are ready to defend Ukraine. As Benjamin Franklin said “democracy is an agreement about rules of behavior between well-armed gentlemen. We should be prepared to possible infringement”.

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