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Geletey: There will be no more unilateral ceasefire by the ATO forces

July 8, 2014

There will be no more unilateral ceasefire by Ukrainian sub-units participating in the ATO

Geletey: There will be no more unilateral ceasefire by the ATO forces


According to press service of Ministry of Defense this was declared by Ukrainian Minister of Defense Valeriy Geletey on July 7 during his conference with journalists in the ATO zone.

‘The President of Ukraine said this unambiguously. Now negotiations are possible only if fighters lay down their arms’, – Geletey underlined.


He also informed that Ministry of Defense possesses numerous evidences of Russian origin of terrorists’ weapon. The Head of Defense Ministers showed to media representatives weapon and ammunition that had been seized from militants during the liberation of Slovyansk. Geletey informed that as for now a lot of roads are mined by terrorists. It concerns routes Slovaynsk – Kramatorsk, Slovyansk – Artemivsk.

‘A lot of mines and shells that haven’t exploded are now lying right on roadsides and roadways. There’s a possibility of their detonation, that’s why we are taking measures to maximally speed up demining and disposal of mines and shells. Subunits of specified type are working around the clock for this’, – the Minister informed.


Geletey also categorically denied the widespread information of seizing of plane SU-25 of Ukrainian Air Forces by terrorists.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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