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Frontier guards record concentration of Russian troops at Ukrainian border

July 14, 2014

Russia continues to concentrate its troops close to Ukrainian border.

Russia continues to concentrate its troops close to Ukrainian border.


This was informed by the press service of the State Border Service.

‘RF continues to concentrate its troops at Ukrainian border. During the last 24 hours there have been noticed the moving of sub-units and military equipment (armoured personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, ‘KamAZ’ vehicles with howitzers) close to Sumy and Lugansk border troops. There have been no attempts to cross the border’, – it is said in the statement.

According to the report the situation at the border remains to be difficult, the epicenter of tough confrontation is directly along the state frontier.

‘Frontier guards continue to perform tasks according to the general idea of ATO. Terrorists and Russian mercenaries continue making attempts of relocation of automobiles and armoured vehicles at Ukrainian territory and shelling the locations of border guard units.

They add in the State Border Service: Approximately at 4.30 a.m. Terrorists carried out mortar attack at the positions of border guards and Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of border service department ‘Dyakove’. No one was injured’.


Source: UNIAN.UA



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