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Former President of Ukraine: if Russia begins large-scale invasion into Ukraine it will collapse

December 1, 2014

Russia will collapse if it begins large-scale invasion into Ukraine

Former President of Ukraine: if Russia begins large-scale invasion into Ukraine it will collapse

Former president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk expressed this opinion at press conference in Kyiv.

‘If Russia does not stop and begins open military aggression against Ukraine Russian will collapse. The war will result in collapse of Russia. Anyway, very big problems expect Russia’. Kravchuk underlines that already now in Russia number of people of non-Russian nationality prevails the native population and events that take place there are very difficult.

Meanwhile, Kravchuk adds that now Ukrainian government should be more concentrated on prevention of collapse of their own state.

‘We need to do our duty and demand concrete action from the guarantor states. Verkhovna Rada has to discuss this right now. [It has to] address the guarantor states that have promised and cheated Ukraine’. Kravchuk underlines that he personally feels cheated because at one time ‘we were pressured to get rid of nuclear weapon. USA and the West threatened us with economic isolation. And now they pretend that nothing has happened. If this continues, nobody will trust to international documents and nobody will comply with them’, – former president of Ukraine underlined.


Unian reference. In 1994 ukraine signed Budapest memorandum according to which Russia, USA and Great Britain agreed to guarantee its sovereignty and territorial integrity in exchange for refusal from nuclear weapon. At that time Ukraine was a state with the third biggest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world.

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