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Folk instruments orchestra makes ‘Rolling in the Deep’ sound like it never did before

This folk instruments orchestra makes 'Rolling in the Deep' sound like it never did before

The Orchestra performing ‘Rolling in the Deep’

What does one need to make a great cover in era of YouTube? Not much really. Some people make it using their voice only, some use guitars, other rock string instruments like cello or violin, piano masters don’t stand aside as well. But today we’re going to talk about the people who do great covers the hard way. Meet Ukrainian National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments (NAOFI).

These guys will show you that about 60 people and 40 folk instruments is enough to rock the stage.

See it yourself! Folk instruments plus love for your art make ‘Rolling in the Deep’ sound like it never did.

Interested? Here is more for you.

How NAOFI started

folk instrument orchestra makes rock hits sound like they never did

Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine was founded in 1969. The bases of their sound are instruments from all regions of Ukraine. For example:



Hammered dulcimer (percussion and stringed instrument)

hammered dulcimer

Kobza (instrument of lute family)




Kozobas (analogue of double bass that is much easier to carry around)


And other instruments which name you will not remember :)

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But lots of authentic instruments is not the only thing that makes the orchestra unique.

Love to music is what matters most. When playing their instruments these people are truly inspired and this inspiration travels to listeners with sound. Their concerts are full of energy and pleasure.

They work together with Ukrainian bands and singers such as rock band Druha Rika.

In 2014 NAOFI went out of the box. Being acknowledged masters of classic music they decided to master rock.

Thus a unique folk rock program was born. It included covers of such well known songs as ‘Hotel California’, Nothing Else Matters, Show Must Go On, Smoke on the Water, Mission Impossible, ABBA and Beatles medleys.

So, amplify you views on what folk is while enjoying these amazing covers.

In case you’d like to hear more from the orchestra – head to their Facebook page or official YouTube channel.

‘Hotel California’

‘Nothing else matters’

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‘Show Must Go On’

Source: YouTube, Wikipedia, NAOFI official website

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