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Five versions of where is Putin now

March 12, 2015

Recently RU and UA internet is boiling with twits and blogposts about mysterious disappearance of Vladimir Putin.

Five versions of where is Putin now

Here are 5 versions of what has happened to Russian President Vladimir Putin collected by

Recently it was informed that Vlarimir Putin allegedly hadn’t appeared on public for a whole week. Meanwhile state Russian mass media spread outdated statements.

Reuters fanned the flames with information about possible illness of Putin. His press secretary Dmitriy Peskov denies illness of Russian leader two days in a row. Meanwhile experts, bloggers and users of social networks give new and new versions of what might has happened.

Version one – Putin is ill

This version appeared after Reuters informed that Putin had canceled his visit to Astana on March 11. Putin’s press secretary Peskov immediately denied news of illness of Russian president.

Then the Kremlin illustrated news of allegedly new Putin’s meeting with an old photograph.

Those people who believe Putin regularly uses botox joined the discussion.

So, absence of Russian leader in public might be due to cosmetic procedures.

Version two – Putin died

After rumors of illness of Putin reached top hysteria, bloggers started writing about possible death of Russian leader.

Still there are no confirmations of this news and fake news of death of dictators is a common practice. Examples of Hugo Chavez and Joseph Stalin are provided, their deaths had not been informed immediately.

This version might seem unlikely because it is mostly based on hatred of Russian president as person which attacked Ukraine.

In addition, it was not previously informed about illnesses which might lead to death of Russian dictator.

Version three – Putin became a victim of palace coup

Russian bloggers and commentators actively push this version forward.

They give the following arguments – fight for power in Russia divided between two groups of influence which are Putin’s inner circle and so-called group of big war. Murder of Boris Nemtsov became catalyst or the outcome of this strife. After the murder the conflict entered active phase and now analytics give two versions: either organizers of Nemtsov murder are trying to overcome Putin or the main fight is still to come and tense struggle in Russian political circles is only beginning.

Version four – Putin planned his disappearance because he prepares for a full-scale war

Meanwhile RU and UA internet are waiting for end of tiller with disappearance of Putin, US impose new sanctions, the West gives new help to Ukraine to localize Donbas conflict.

This all happens on the background of world mass media messages that Putin will deploy new offensive in Ukraine until EU and US take positions of reconciliation. In its turn, official Kyiv every day states that Moscow is preparing for offensive and supports its words with facts that Russians and so-called rebels have created efficient army in Donbas.

Correspondingly, fuss around disappearance might be beneficial to Putin because it gives him advantage for sudden capture of Ukrainian territories and misleads the enemy.

Version five – Putin is safe and sound

Supporters of this version say that Putin is alive and quite well, and news about his hard life in course of last days are no more than innuendo, anti-war and anti-Putin rhetoric.

Perhaps, Putin has gone for a holiday and spends time with loved ones.

Anyway, many leaders often avoid publicity for a long time and it mostly is not connected to death or some illness.

However, even if Putin is safe and sound, this fuss about his mysterious disappearance has brought damage to his authority by revealing weak points of Russian government that seems eternal and unyielding at first glance.

Source: Novoe Vremya newspaper

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