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First step to implement Minsk agreements

 February 26, 2015

Ukraine begins withdrawal of military equipment from demarcation line

First step to implement Minsk agreements

The General Staff informs this. According to the, Ukraine begins withdrawal of heavy military equipment.

In order to implement agreements which have been reached in Minsk on February 12, 2015, today Ukraine begins withdrawal of 100mm guns from the demarcation line. This is the first step to withdrawal of heavy military equipment and it will be done exclusively under monitoring and verification of OSCE.

Ukrainian side demands full ceasefire and immediate implementation of Minsk agreements from all who signed them.

The General Staff also informs that in case the opposite side makes attempts to attack the schedule of withdrawal will be corrected. They underline that Ukrainian troops are in full readiness to protect the state.

Currently Ukraine withdraws such weapons as howitzers and anti-tank guns MT-12 ‘Rapira’

Source:, General Staff

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