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The first civilian victim in Mariupol. Summary of the most important events for September 7, 2014

September 8, 2014

Mutual accusation on violating the truce

Summary of the most important events for September 7, 2014

Azov battalion declared that enemy shelled fortifications neat the town of Mariupol.

‘Concerning ceasefire. Grad multiple rocket launchers are working on outskirts of Mariupol right now. Fortifications have been shelled with mortars’, – it is said in the report on official Facebook page of the battalion.

Russia announced the construction of bridge in Kerch.

According to statement of Russian Minister of Transport Maksim Sokolov the building of bridge across Kerch Strait has already bees started. ‘Works on building of the bridge across Kerch Strait have been launched, they will be finished on December 16, 2018’, – he stated.

Mutual accusation on violating the truce

Ukrainian militants fulfill the conditions of the ceasefire. Meanwhile there were shelling of several fortification of Ukrainian armed forces by terrorists. This was reported by representative of Informational and Analytical Centre of national Security and Defense=se Council Volodymyr Polyoviy. According to him there were shellings of positions of Ukrainian troop near Mariupol and civilian object in the town itself.

The first victim of shelling of Mariupol

Last night woman was brought to one of hospitals in Mariupol. She had got shrapnel wound in the area of heart. 33-year old woman died during the operation.

Restoration of Luhansk city

Luhank authorities report that the situation is the city of stable and municipal services have begun restoring the infrastructure that was damaged because of battles and shelling.

According to local authorities, there was no firing during the last 2 nights. This gave possibility to begin restoration of the damaged infrastructure.

Gubarev commented on the truce

Formed ‘people’s governor’ of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic commented on the current truce. According to Gubarev they do not intend to stick to the truce on ceasefire in the republic. Currently the separatist is the head of mobilization of ‘defense ministry’ of unrecognized republic.

‘Concerning agreements signed in Minsk: why are you so afraid of a piece of paper signed by oligarchs? We don’t give a sh*t on this ‘peace’, – Gubarev wrote.


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