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Final version of accusation announced to Savchenko

Final version of accusation announced to Savchenko

Investigation Committee of Russian Federation has finally brought an accusation against Ukrainian pilot, Member of Parliament Nadia Savchenko who is imprisoned in Russian prison.

Press service of Russian investigation Committee informed this.

Thus, Nadia Savchenko is accused of involvement in murder of two or more people, in aiding an attempted murder of two or more people using dangerous method for reasons of political hatred committed by group of people, illegal crossing of Russian Federation border.

Meanwhile the committee informs that soon materials of the criminal case against Savchenko will be exported from the general criminal on application of prohibited means and methods of warfare case into separate proceeding to finish investigation. Then the sides will receive materials to review them and then they’ll be transferred to the court.

On April 22 Russian Foreign Minister said that Nadia Savchenko might be released by amnesty only after the trial.

We remind that Russian Federation has been illegally keeping Nadia Savchenko since July 2014. In December 2014 Ukrainian pilot announced hunger strike against her illegal detention. Since then her health deteriorated significantly but hunger strike didn’t result in her release despite all attempts of Ukrainian and international community.


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