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Fighters provoke Ukraine for active combats in order to ask Russia for ‘help’

Russia backed fighters are trying to disrupt Minsk agreements in order to have grounds of ask Russia for ‘help’.

Unian reports this with reference to spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation headquarters Anatoliy Stelmah.

He mentioned that on August 14-17 situation in ATO zone in Eastern Ukraine was tense. Number of shelling of ATO positions reached the top indexes in recent months.

‘In addition, the occupants almost don’t hide usage of rocket launcher systems and cynically shell civilian buildings of Donbas,’ – Stelmah added.

He emphasized that on analysis of the situation headquarters suppose that fighters deliberately want to destroy Minsk agreements, involve Ukrainian Armed Forces into confrontation and later ask for help of the northern neighbor [Russian Federation].

Stelmah said that fighters might try to realize this scenario on the eve on Independence Day which Ukraine celebrates on August 24.

on August 17 there were registered 86 cases of shelling


According to press service of anti-terrorist operation, the previous day was marked with lower intensity of shelling in Donbas.

In total, on August 17 there were registered 86 cases of shelling.

Artillery was used 12 times [including heavy artillery of 122 and 152 mm calibers], mortars – 27 times [including heavy mortars of 120 mm caliber], small arms and grenade launchers 52 times.

The armed provocations were carried out throughout the contact line. You can find mode information about the locations of shelling on the map above.


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