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Fighters used phosphorus bombs near Donetsk

Fighters used phosphorus bombs near Donetsk Fighters used phosphorus bombs near Donetsk

On the night of Monday, April 14 positions of ‘Crimea’ battalion near Donetsk airport were shelled with phosphorus bombs.

The battalion informs this on its Facebook page.

Soldiers from the battalion assume that this shelling is revenge for unsuccessful attack.

They mention that even brick walls were on fire.

‘They apparently decided to revenge for failed attack this day and obviously many of them died. The fire with phosphorus ammunition, everything around is on fire, even brick walls. Hundreds of shells have already exploded in the air with napalm and they continue exploding’, – the battalion informs.

Soldiers hold their positions despite hard shelling.

Ammunition that contains white phosphorus spreads flammable substance, its combustion temperature exceeds 800 °C. The substance spread across large territory – up to hundreds of square meters. Burning lasts until all the phosphorus burns out or access of oxygen ceases. Such weapon can cause especially painful and serious injuries and can provoke slow and painful death.


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