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Fighters try to start ‘sniper war’ in the east

Fighters try to start ‘sniper war’ in the east

Situation in Donbas aggravates, fighters try to start sniper war.

Unian reports this with a reference to coordinator of Information Resistance group, MP Dmitriy Tymchuk.

Experts register deterioration of situation in ATO zone with tendency for further escalation. Intensity and density of shelling conducted by terrorists increases.

Russia-backed fighters keep actively using heavy weapons like mortars of 120 mm caliber, artillery of 122 and 152 mm caliber and armored military equipment in order to shell positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces and settlements that are under their control.

In several parts of demarcation line reconnaissance and subversive groups of the enemy try to penetrate into tactical rear of Ukrainian forces, in some cases they engage in battles with ATO guard forces.

Tymchuk also informs that terrorist try to start ‘sniper war’ in several parts of contact line – there are observed persistent actions of several sniper groups of fighters that try to seize and keep fire initiative.


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