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Fighters shelled OSCE patrol in Donetsk oblast

November 27, 2014

OSCE patrol got under shelling in Donetsk oblast

Fighters shelled OSCE patrol in Donetsk oblast

Observers of OSCE patrol were shelled when they were moving between checkpoints of Ukrainian army northeast of Donetsk city.

This is stated in the report of the organization. The incident took place when patrol of 3 observers accompanied by Ukrainian militants was moving from one checkpoint to another. After one of observer get off the armored vehicle there was made one shot from jet grenade launcher. The grenade was launched from southeast where the positions of terrorists are located. The shell fell at distance of 150 meters from the vehicle.

In two second there sounded few shots made from 23-mm anti-aircraft gun, the shells fell several meters away from the armored vehicle.

None of observers was wounded. They returned to base.


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