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Fighters repeatedly shell their own positions

Fighters repeatedly shell their own positions

In order to discredit Ukrainian Armed Forces Russia backed fighters repeatedly shell their own positions.

Unian reports this with reference to press officer of Headquarters of Ukrainian Armed Forces Dmytro Gutsulyak.

Commandment of anti-terrorist operation underlines those cases when fighters fire at their own positions are becoming more frequent. The aim of such shelling is to discredit Ukrainian servicemen by blaming them of violating ceasefire regime.

According to Gutsulyak, fighters constantly provoke Ukrainian servicemen to response fire. Our soldiers effectively suppress fire emplacements of Russian-terrorist armed groups using guns and grenade launchers.

ATO commandment underlines that Ukrainian servicemen strictly adhere to Minsk agreements and fire in response only in case of direct threat to life of ATO forces personnel and use weapons which is not prohibited by agreements.


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