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Fighters ordered to seize Debaltsevo at any cost

February 16, 2015

ATO headquarters – terrorists were ordered to seize Debaltsevo at any cost despite ceasefire agreement

Fighters ordered to seize Debaltsevo at any cost

According to headquarters of anti-terrorist operation, terrorist fighters received an order form Russia to seize Debaltseve at any cost. Despite Minsk agreements on ceasefire, there are battles on the bridgehead.

Spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation Andriy Lysenko informed this during press briefing in Kyiv.

According to operative data, the criminals were ordered by their Russian curators to take control of Debaltseve at any cost and provoke Ukrainian militants.

Despite Minsk agreements, there are unceasing battles at Debaltsevo direction.

In course of the last day positions of Ukrainia Armed Forces were shelled 112 times. 88 fire strikes were aimed at Debaltsevo.

The enemy actively used multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Grad’, mortars and artillery.


The ceasefire regime according to Minsk agreements were to be implemented on February 15 at 00:00.


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