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Fighters keep using artillery in the East

Fighters keep using artillery in the East

On Sunday, May 31 and on the night of June 1 Russia-backed terrorists kept violating ceasefire regime.

In Mariupol sector they used mortars, grenade launchers, artillery and small arms to shell positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces, especially in village of Shyrokine.

In Donetsk sector they fired at Pisky, Starognativka and Butovka mine using mortars of calibers banned by Minsk agreement.

On the territory of Artemivsk and Krasniy Pahar settlement tank fired for almost an hour. The settlement of Leninske suffered from shelling with large-caliber guns.

Russia-backed fighters shelled checkpoint Zaytseve when it was most crowded.

The previous night was calm only in Luhansk sector of the conflict zone.

Flights of drones were registered on the following routes: Slovyanoserbsk – Raygorodka – Shchastya, Pavlopol – Pishchevyk.

There was an armed clash with subversive group of separatists consisting of 15 people. The fight took place near Maryinka (see map below).

In course of the battle 2 Ukrainian servicemen were killed, one got wounded. 2 members of enemy’s subversive group got serious wounds.

To Ukrainian servicemen got caught by terrorists.

According to official sources, yesterday Ukraine lost 3 servicemen, 4 got wounded.

Ukraine conflict map
Source: map by Ukraine Crisis Media Center, ATO press center

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