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Fighters examine OSCE vehicles – video

Fighters examine OSCE vehicles – video

There has appeared video where pro-Russian fighters stop OSCE mission vehicles and examine their luggage.

The vent took place at checkpoint near the occupied town of Pervomaisk.

In the video we can see that members of monitoring mission of Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe have to explain and justify purpose and direction of their movement to armed pro-Russian terrorists.

One of observers says that they are not allowed to go to the border to change the vehicle.

The terrorists conducting examination responds: ‘Now we know your direction. If only you said us where you need to go we would send you there immediately, and you just make rustle riding to and fro.

In their last report representatives of OSCE monitoring mission informed that fighters of terrorist organization LNR had prohibited OSCE members to come to two kilometer border area near Russian Federation.


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