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Fighters do not want to exchange UA officers, artillerists and volunteers

Fighters do not want to exchange UA officers, artillerists and volunteers

The first three demands of Minsk agreements are implemented only partially – fighters don’t want to exchange all prisoners

In general, intensity of hostilities along the demarcation line has decreased. However, demands of Minsk agreements aren’t fully implemented.

Deputy Head of General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2006-2010 Igor Romanenko informed this.

He underlined the decreased intensity of hostilities along the contact line in Eastern Ukraine.

When analyzing implementation the first three purely military points of Minsk agreements – artillery silence, withdrawal of heavy military equipment and exchange of all prisoners – they demonstrate progress. Hoverer, these demands aren’t fulfilled properly.

Russian-backed forces continue violating ceasefire using heavy weapons.

The demand of exchange of all prisoners isn’t fully implemented as well.

According to Mr. Romanenko, there was another exchange of prisoners, however, some part of Ukrainian servicemen are detained by fighters for some longer time.

First of all, servicemen with most important military professions such as officers, qualified artillerists and volunteer are held prisoner as long as it possible.


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