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Fighters change their tactics at Debaltsevo bridgehead

February 2, 2015

Debaltsevo remains under Ukrainian control

Debaltsevo remains under Ukrainian control

In course of the last day forces of anti-terrorist operation destroyed about 200 separatist fighters.

According to preliminary data, on February 1 terrorist fighters lost 180 people. 248 fighters were wounded.

In addition, terrorist lost 4 guns.

The Monday night was restless, Russian-terrorist troops did not stop shelling positions of anti-terrorist operation forces and settlements.

Settlements of Debaltsevo, Nikishyno, Chernukhine and Zolote were shelled with artillery.


The town of Debaltsevo remains under Ukrainian control.

Despite spreading of information about transition of the town to terrorists, Debaltsevo remains under Ukrainian control.

Spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation Leonid Matiukhin informed this.

‘Debaltsevo is just under our [Ukrainian] control. The tactics is such that during the day the walk and smile and at night they fire with mortars and hide. That is why they spread information that Debaltsevo is under fighters’, – he said.

Yesterday rescuers evacuated 269 people from Debaltseve and Avdiivka. Due to terrorist shelling 12 people of those waiting for evacuation were injured.

The town of Debaltsevo remains under Ukrainian control.

At 09.00 am artillery shelling of Debaltsevo ceased

According to ATO press-officer Leonid Matiukhin, this morning artillery shelling of Debaltsevo has ceased at 09.00 am, only separate shots can be heard in the outskirts.

He told that from 06.00 the town was shelled with artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems.


Terrorist change tactics

Previously coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group and center of military and political studies, MP Dmitriy Tymchuk informed about change in tactics of fighters.

The shifted from trying to create the ‘boiler’ [encirclement] by cutting of the ‘neck’ of the bridgehead to tactics of crowding out Ukrainian troops from the given region.

The strikes are being delivered from 2 directions, through settlement of Chornukhine and Vuhlehirsk directly at Debaltseve in order to force Ukrainian militants retreat to north.


Source:, headquarters of anti-terrorist operation, Coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group and center of military and political studies Dmytro Tymchuk

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