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Fighters are armed with 110 air defense systems and 700 tanks

Fighters are armed with 110 air defense systems and 700 tanks

Russia-backed fighters in Donbas are armed with about 700 tanks and 1.1 thousand armored combat vehicles.

Deputy Commander of Anti-terrorist operation Valentyn Fedychev informed this in the information center of Donetsk regional military-civilian administration in Kramatorsk.

According to him, almost 9 000 servicemen of regular troops of Russian Federation have to leave territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Military equipment which Russian Federation has illegally brought to Donbas should be withdrawn as well. According to Fedychev, currently in Donbas Russia-backed fighters are armed with about 700 tanks, more than 1100 armored combat vehicles, about 600 artillery systems, about 380 multiple rocket launcher systems and 110 air defense systems.

On April 7, 2015 40 units of military equipment (including 10 tanks) arrived to Donbas. On April 6 2 companies of Russian servicemen arrived to Novogrigorievka which is near Debaltseve town.

In Rostov oblast of Russia fighters are trained to conduct hostilities in urban environments. More than 1500 servicemen of Special Armed Forces of Russian Federation are currently trained there.


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