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Fierce battles for Donetsk airport

January 15, 2015

Situation in Donetsk airport as of January 15

Fierce battles for Donetsk airport

The battle for Donetsk airport reached the same level of tension it had in September-October of 2014.

Here is data as of 04.00 pm.

The enemy is firing heavily with tanks and artillery. The aims of firing are observational and correction posts of Ukrainian military units in the airport and the new terminal (in order to make it collapse).

This morning the remaining second and third floors of control tower of the airport have collapsed due to artillery firing of Russian-terrorist forces. Walls on the second floor of the new terminal collapsed as well.

Then the infantry attacked. The enemy managed to penetrate the second floor of the terminal taking advantage of wall collapse. The attacks were also carried out from the basement, on the first and third floors. The enemy uses the tactics of assault groups.

Assault units of fighters are fully equipped with Russian citizens. The subunits numbering up to platoon [30 servicemen] are well equipped and armed with flame-throwers ‘Shmel’ and portale grenade launchers. The sub-units approach defensive lines of Ukrainian forces, conduct intense shelling at close distance and then fortify. After that they call artillery fire at determined positions of Ukrainian servicemen.

The fierce battles at close distances continue during the whole day. Despite intensive shelling and fierce attack Ukrainian servicemen fight with dignity and have no intention to retreat.

Today two Ukrainian warriors have died a heroic death in battle for the airport. 7 servicemen have been wounded.

Fierce battles for Donetsk airport

Update of the situation as of 05.40 pm.

The counter attacks of Ukrainian ‘Cyborgs’ started.

Due to threatening situation and enemy’s break-through to the second floor of the new terminal there has arrived new sub-unit of Ukrainian paratroopers to defend the airport.

According to the data provided by news agency, at about 05.00 pm Ukrainian paratroopers have started counter attack.

In fierce close combat the enemy was repelled from the most part of rooms on the second floor which has the key importance in keeping the airport under control.

The violent battle with forces of the enemy continues during the whole day. Several times it actually came to hand-to-hand fighting at distance of 3-5 meters.

According to Mr. Butusov, the terminal is controlled by Ukrainian forces.

The enemy has installed flags of self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ on the edge of building and preserves its positions in the basement of the new terminal and on the third floor. However, installation of the flag is the complete list of terrorists’ success this day.

The next seizing of the airport by gang of ‘Motorola’ has ended in the same way the previous attempts did. Russian military units suffer great losses.

The new terminal is controlled by Ukrainian forces and our troops are not going to retreat.

Russian troops conduct artillery firing of territories that surround the airport, try to suppress Ukrainian artillery, disrupt transferring of reserves and supplies to the defenders of the airport.

Source: Facebook, journalist Yuriy Butusov

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