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Herashchenko offered to exchange captured servicemen for Savchenko

Herashchenko offered to exchange captured servicemen for Savchenko

Member of Parliament Anton Hegashchenko suggested exchanging recently arrested Russian servicemen for Nadia Savchenko.

Anton Herashchenko wrote about this on his Facebook page.

He expressed his opinion that Russian servicemen taken prisoners near Shchastya should bear criminal responsibility for what they have done.

According to Aidar regiment, before being captured these men killed Ukrainian serviceman with 6 (!) bullets.

In addition, MP suggested that Vladimir Putin exchanges Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko for these two servicemen.

‘After we conduct fair public trial of the two war criminals from Russia which you have sent to us to kill our people, I suggest exchange: two Russian criminals, who have become this with your consent, for Nadia Savchenko and all our almost 400 prisoners’, – Herashchenko wrote.

State Duma of RF doesn’t believe Russian soldiers have been captured in Ukraine

Two Russian servicemen – Alexander Aleksandrov and Eugene Yerofeev have recently been captured near town of Shchastya in Eastern Ukraine by Aidar regiment.


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