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Ex-president Yanukovych judged in absentia

Ex-president Yanukovych judged in absentia

The procedure of conviction in absentia has been started against former president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych and formed minister of income and charges Oleksandr Klymenko.

Prosecutor General Victor Shokin informed this.

He informed that trial in absentia is used against 7 people including former First Deputy Prime Minister and former Health Minister.

Currently the criminal cases are pending in courts.

Shokin mentioned that sentences in absentia would give the Prosecutor General’s Office appeal to European Courts and return means stolen by former officials.

The law on justice in absentia was adopted in early 2015 to try suspects who hide beyond Ukraine.

Ukraine plans to use this law to convict former president Yanukovych and members of his government who have fled Ukraine and return money they have stolen.


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