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Ex-First Deputy Chief of Defense: Action Range of Russian Military Forces Covers Entire Ukraine, Further Invasion Scenario Likely


Kyiv, 26 March 2014 – “From the military point of view, current situation in Ukraine is classified as a war despite no armed fight back from our side. The government has to admit this fact and give up its actual strategy of non-provoking, act in a decisive and tough manner following a new counter-strategy”, – observed Admiral Ihor Kabanenko, Former First Deputy Chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces HQ, at a press briefing in the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

According to the military expert, a number of facts testify for the state of war. Numerous Russian troops are concentrated close to Ukraine’s Eastern border, it’s no doubt that groups of attack are operating in Crimea: in particular, “Uragan” reactive systems of multiple rocket launch being a powerful weapon of attack as well as SU-24 frontline bombers are concentrated there. “That is offensive power, its range of action covers the whole territory of Ukraine. We are also aware that the Russian Federation has prepared an airborne component to conduct a deep-penetrating airborne operation 500 and more km deep. You can try and make respective measurements from our border and you’ll see where potential military events could take place”, noted Kabanenko.

A testimony to the military invasion is also the fact of seizure of Ukraine’s warships, as seizure of a vessel being territory of the national flag location, is violation of its immunity and contradicts to all international agreements and conventions.

Admiral claims that a special operation is now being conducted in Ukraine to “destabilize the situation in a technological way” by duly formed and motivated groups (acting by means of bribing, blackmail etc.). The fifth column including extremists groups work on the territory of Ukraine systematically and at various levels to create pre-requisites to address Russia for help.

According to Kabanenko many military experts condemn the passive position of the Ukrainian government. “Approach based on passive observation or on attempts to avoid provocations is a losing one. Such a strategy opens up space to Russia for further efficient actions as we’ve already witnessed it in Crimea, and could result in losing considerable part of Ukraine’s territory or the whole state territory. Putin’s plans go beyond Crimea”, he noted.

The Admiral called for a flexible strategy and pointed out main steps to be taken today at political level:

1. Decision by the Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada) to admit the fact of aggression and that of the war against Ukraine, which is important for public understanding; announcing full mobilization and plan to enable supply of resources.

2. Establishing the Armed Forces HQ to consolidate all tasks.

3. Directing the defense complex at supplying the armed forces.

4. Concrete measures and rigorous control by local administrations in order to counteract provocations.

Ihor Kabanenko is convinced that until now many actions have not been well-thought and systematic, (for example losses of vessels could have been avoided, had the warships been brought outside Crimea in time). The expert underlined that such actions or inaction are subject to national investigation in order to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Ihor Kabanenko is a Ukrainian marine, admiral of Ukraine’s Armed Forces. Occupied posts of the Head of Main executive directorate of Ukraine’s Armed Forces HQ, First Deputy Commander of the Navy of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, was Advisor-Envoy of Ukraine’s Mission to NATO at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

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