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European cities are in the crosshairs of Russian Iskanders

December 3, 2014

Targets of Russian Iskanders

European cities are in the crosshairs of Russian Iskanders

Russia is one of the largest countries with most advanced militaries. Today Russian federation is an immediate threat to threat to all European continent.

Iskander is Russian tactical (intermediate-range) ballistic missile system. Currently such systems are deployed in Kaliningrad and Leningrad regions of Russia. In addition, this type of weapon has been transferred to annexed Crimea and to the eastern border of Ukraine.

Shooting range of Russian Iskander is up to 500 km and it can bear 4 types of warhead which would destroy military objects as well as civil ones.

Taking into account locations of this weapon, today Russian poses an immediate threat not only to Ukraine, but also to Belarus, Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia.



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